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Welcome to my website. The purpose of the site is to share my passion for astronomy, science and photography with others. check out my blog, gallery and events page for upcoming events.

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My trip to see the Northern Lights

For many years I have wanted to see the Aurora, or Northern Lights. I have tried numerous times from Ireland, however, luck never went my way. On a few occasions, I managed to capture a photo of the green glow over the horizon but never with the naked eye. It is possible to see the…

What Can I See in the Sky in February 2023?

As we head into the second month of 2023 and the last month of winter, we will start to see the days get noticeably longer. The sun sets at 18:00 by the end of the month, which still leaves plenty of time to get out and look at the sky without staying up late. Clear…

4 things to watch in space and astronomy in 2023

JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) The moons of Jupiter have been at the forefront of astronomy since Galileo discovered them in 1610. At the time, using his primitive homemade telescope, he could see nothing more than four “stars” moving oddly around the planet. Little did he know that those fours stars, would turn out to…

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My name is Paul, I am based in Ireland and I have been interested in astronomy, science and photography since I was young. In 2009, I won the Young Astronomy Photographer of the Year and I have had many of my photos published in Astronomy Ireland’s magazine, the Sky at Night magazine and on RTE.

I decided to start the blog when I was at home due the restrictions in place to stop the spread of Covid19.

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